Jaz Naz T

Born & raised in Akron Ohio,

I developed a true love & passion for music at a young age, influenced by many different artists & types of music. Still something about Hip Hop touched me most. Allowing me to stir all the different types of music I love in one bowl, & create my own sound. Pouring out my emotions & frustrations through lyrics & poetry, started for me around 6th or 7th grade. As Hip Hop grew up, so did I, as I developed my own unique style, & created the monster known as Jaz Naz T. The nick name Jaz came from my younger days as a skateboarder/ graffiti artist. Naz T was added later by fellow MC's and fans for my aggressive in your face battle style & refusal to back down. Also known as the "Crazy Cracka from Akron", a 10 time freestyle battle Champ (15 battles 10 weeks straight) Undefeated & Undisputed. I've earned my place as a legend in the local Hip Hop scene, & developed relationships with top underground & industry level artists. Join me as I reach out to the rest of the world and share my thoughts and opinions. Along with telling the story of my life through my eyes. So if you love Hip Hop, humor, sarcasm, wittiness, & appreciate MCs with the balls to speak the truth & say what's on their mind, then youre in the right place. Welcome to my world....

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